Have you ever tried to get married before organizing your wedding?

Why organize a wedding without knowing what it is going to be like?

You try on your dress many and many times…you noticed a pair of shoes you fancied, tried them on… perfect! Then there is hair to think about…you have already tried some styles, everything is almost ready, your husband to be has sent you a photo of his new suite and you have made a really good choice! But something is still missing and you cannot stop thinking about what is your happiest day really going to be like? Is your wedding in Italy really going to work?

Have you ever thought about this? You can try on your dress, see everything but you cannot test, being in another country, the location for the wedding you have chosen. how will it be decorated? Which are the best spots to take the best photos you will then cherish for all your life?

My staff and i have though about this a lot, as we realize how important it is for the future bride and groom to have everything all in line with their dreams and requirements, and we have told ourselves why not let them try a few days over here, just like you try on your wedding dress?

Said and done! We have worked out this formula , and belive me we are the only ones that do this: you will be our guests for a few days in Sorrento, where we will take you and see locations and show you all the services we can organize for you, gathering your ideas in a more detailed manner. No commitment is required!

All this is so you have a better idea of what your special day could be really like and our role will be to make sure your dreams become real!