Civil Wedding

Chiostro di San Francesco

A civil ceremony is simply a nonreligious, legal marriage ceremony presided over by a legal official instead of a religious one, and the marriage must take place in locations that have been approved by the Italian authorities.

The San Francesco Cloister is right in the heart of the Sorrento city center, close to the church of San Francesco and the Villa Comunale, the public garden overlooks the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. A perfect location to take beautiful photographs.

Museo Correale

Museo Correale is one of the most important museums in Campania with its paintings, furniture and porcelain owned by the Correale family. Weddings can be performed indoor, in the typical room “Sala degli specchi” or outdoor in the beautiful garden surrounding the Villa.

Villa Fondi

Villa Fondi, is an amazing villa overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento and Naples near to the city. It is surrounded by a large garden, perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony. with jaw dropping views.

To get legally married in Italy, the spouses need to obtain the appropriate paperwork, please check out this link.

Or if you are a UK and a foreign national wanting to marry in Italy please check out this link.

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