Location for wedding in Sorrento: the Correale Museum

Some time ago we have talked about where to get married in Sorrento and we know that you would like to understand more… because for your wedding you want everything to be perfect and that is what we are here for.

The idea of getting married in a museum fascinates you? Very well! The Correale Museum in the centre of Sorrento is one of our favourites as it recalls the atmosphere of the Public Library in New York, and recounting your marriage in a museum is certainly interesting.

A bit of info on the Correale Museum

The real name is Museo Correale di Terranova, but it is  known just as the “Museo Correale”. It is an archeological museum with a picture and art gallery preserved in an ‘700 building surrounded by a lush orange grove.

Getting married at the Correale Museum

The museum disposes of two areas for a civil or simbolic wedding: the Mirrors Room and the courtyard with garden.

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The Mirrors room is located on the first floor, it has mirrors either side of the room, hence the name. Chairs are disponed either side with the aisle in the middle.

If you prefer your wedding in the open air, the courtyard surrounded by the orange grove is the place.  Chairs are disponed under the ancient plane trees. Immagine the scenario, the swish of your wedding dress, whilst you walk hand in hand in the halls of the museum with your beloved…

During the ceremony your guests can stroll and look around the museum, immersing  themselves in the history of Sorrento…on such a special day!