Location for wedding in Sorrento: the Saint Francis Cloister

The places where to marry in Sorrento are all very beautiful, and we have already talked about this, here and here. There is one in particular, that we consider the nicest and that is the Cloister of Saint Francis, in the hart of Sorrento. The cloister goes back to the XIV century, it is adjacent to the church of Saint Francis, the public gardens and very near the house were the famous poet Torquato Tasso was born. You can not be more central than this!

Getting married in the Saint Francis Cloister

The most pleasurable thing is that once you enter the cloister: voices and sounds from the outside become peace and quiet. The only sounds are your footsteps, the singing of birds and the sound of the wind through the tree that stands proudly in the centre. The atmosphere is some what magic and enchanted, this is why the cloister is one of the most attractive locations to get married in Sorrento. It is not a case that when you say “marriage in Sorrento” one automatically thinks about the cloister.

At the cloister it is only possible to celebrate civil weddings, if you want to know more, here we have a few suggestions.

The convenience to marry at the Cloister of Saint Francis is without doubt the central position: once you have pronaunced “yes, i do”, you will have the chance to walk in the historical centre of Sorrento, council gardens were one can take fantastic wedding photos and in a few minutes walk reach the “Terrazza delle Sirene” for reception, the place we highly recommend for food, service at a very good price.

Remember that the Cloister of Saint Francis is one of the most famous and desirable locations to celebrate a civil wedding in Sorrento, therefore contact us as soon as possible if you are looking for your dream wedding in Sorrento!