And what if it rains on the wedding day?

What is one of the greatest fears of a bride to be?

In Italy we have a saying: “wet bride, lucky bride”. I do not know the origins of it, but I guess that it has been invented by a bride stumbled in a great flood on the very day of her marriage. To cheer herself up she might have thought of a fun way to look at what actually is seen as a disaster. What I know however, is that this is a real pressing fear among the various worries that a bride has for the day of her marriage (and yes, I have seen and heard things that you human beings …). One of the most recurring questions that future brides ask me during our meetings is “And what if it rains?”, even if the marriage is fixed in August and it hasn’t rained for months in that year. To soften this question I answer them with a giant, trustworthy smile, I inhale, hold my stomach in, my chest out and ask: “Do you know the saying ‘wet bride, lucky bride?’. Stop, this isn’t true; I’ve never asked it or actually I tried it once and the gaze I received in return was one between fear and the threat of death, I still remember, so I didn’t try again. So when people ask me “And what if it rains?”, I smile and take a few minutes of rest to create some suspense and then give my two solutions. “In the case it rains on your wedding day we can arrange the chairs for the guests and the benches for the ceremony under the colonnade of the Cloister of San Francesco and create in this way an intimate atmosphere. If you want we can also move to Villa Fondi and celebrate the wedding in the hall from where you have a wonderful view overlooking the sea and the Gulf of Naples; a panorama you won’t easily forget. And actually to put it bluntly, I can add that since I have been organizing weddings in 2001, it has rained only twice …

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