How to organize a wedding in Sorrento

(without going mad…)

Getting married in Sorrento has always been the dream of your life… You have been on holiday round the Amalfi Coast and fallen in love with it’s beaches and the wonderful views, unique in the world, and you have told yourself “one day i will get married here!”

Then you have thought “oh dear, i live abroad, it is laredy complicated organizing a wedding, let alone in another country…!” Well you are wrong, we are exactly here for this!- superhero music in the background 😊

Do you want to know how to organize your dream wedding in Sorrento?

Well… this is what happens from when you send us an email from our website to when you walk down the white carpet that will unite you with the love of your life…

You send us an email, we proptly reply and from then onwards we get to know each other. Worry not we will not fill you up with loads of questions… We have been marrying couples for years and we know what to ask. Once established what you would like, we put on our superhero of love suites and get to work. First thing, you have to send us your nulla osta documentation, which is the boring but imperative part to make your dream come true. Do not worry about that, we will give you all the wright indications and we will take care of the rest, so you can think about the fun side of it. After having gathered your ideas on location, flowers, reception venue… we will surprise you with what we have to offer.

If you would like to meet us personally? That would be fantastic! If you come our way, we would be delighted to show you the location and all you have chosen, so you have the real picture of how the wedding organized together will be!

The great day arrives. This is the part we all like the most, when we see our work prized with your happy and contented smiles.
The days just before the big day, are the ones where we finalize the last things, trip to the florist, hair stylist and last minute situations… We are with you to see all goes smoothly until the end, or shall we call it the beginning of your life as husband and wife!

We will then step aside and enjoy the show that we guarantee will be fabulous!